Lunch Procedures

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Lunch Procedures:

  • The cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch daily. ALL students receive a FREE breakfast and lunch.
  • Children will choose daily between two lunch choices or salad bar (when available for grades 3-5 only), or bring lunch from home.
  • Monthly menus are sent home for breakfast and lunch each month.
  • Please do not send carbonated beverages or candy with your child for lunch.

Lunch Times:

Each class lunch time varies by a few minutes. Please contact your child’s teacher for approximate times.

  • Kindergarten 10:30-10:55
  • First Grade: 11:05-11:30
  • Second Grade: 11:35-12:00
  • Third Grade: 12:05-12:30
  • Fourth Grade 10:55-11:20
  • Fifth Grade: 10:35-11:00

Please see the front of your child’s agenda for other helpful information about our school!